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Free Printable Bunny Templates

These free printable bunny templates are ready for all of your Easter and Spring crafts and projects!

We have 4 different bunny template styles you can download. Here’s a preview of the different bunny shape outlines below:

Free Printable Bunny Templates

We’ve also created several versions of each style so you can choose to print 2, 4, or 6 bunnies per page!

All of our bunny template files are in PDF format for easy printing, but if you need the PNG templates to import into design or word processing software you can download all 4 png shapes at the bottom of the downloads section as well!

We never add our logo or watermarks to our free printables, which means you have full freedom to use and customize these for anything you like! We also never require any kind of sign up or registration – just click on the file you want and print!

Want to be inspired with ideas for ways to use these templates? Check out our project ideas below the downloads section for all kinds of crafts, activities and projects you can create for Easter and spring!

Free Printable Bunny Template #1

Free Rabbit Template

This adorable rabbit silhouette is perfect for all kinds of Easter crafts!

Easter Bunny Head

Need just the bunny’s head? Use these printable Easter Bunny heads to make cards, faces, and more!

Cute Bunny Template

This is the final of the 4 rabbit styles and is too cute! Would be perfect for adding a cotton ball tail!

Download the PNG Files of Each Bunny Template

The PNG files are best suited for importing to your design software.

For example, you could import the PNG into an app like Procreate and use it as a template for doodling on, or you could import it into your software for Silhouette or Cricut to cut out the bunny shapes.

We’ve made it so you can download all 4 different bunny shapes in one easy click!

Click Here to Download the Bunny PNG Files

Fun Ways To Use These Templates!

If you’re looking for fun Easter crafts and activities we have all kinds of ideas for ways you could use these templates!

Make a Plush Bunny

You could easily use the large rabbit silhouette to create a simple plush bunny toy that would make for a great handmade gift for Easter Baskets. Simply trace the rabbit onto two pieces of fabric (make sure they line up so you have a front and a back with the right sides facing one another!) – and then sew together, leaving a small gap to fill with polyfill.

Use as an Applique or Quilt Pattern

You could also trace the image onto a piece of fabric, cut it out and attach it to pillows, pillowcases, tote bags, or even use in a quilt block!

There are so many things you could make with this technique – blankets, table runners, pillows, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and more!

Use as Embroidery or Cross Stitch Templates

You could also use these as outlines to use for Cross Stitch or Embroidery. You could make patches or simply add a straight stitch rabbit!

Make a Bunny Shaped Collage

Another fun idea is to use these shape outlines to create a collage! You could use tissue paper for a stained glass look, or you could use magazine cut-outs, scrapbook paper or even fabric scraps!

Make Button Art

Another fun way to use these is to make button art! Simply cut out the template on heavy cardstock paper and glue buttons to it!

You could also use these for mixed-media canvases you make using costume jewelry or other pieces.

Create a Bunny Mosaic

If you love working with broken pieces of tile to make mosaic art, you could easily use these templates as an outline to help you place the pieces of tile to create a one of a kind mosaic masterpiece!

Make a Bunny Shaped Journal

Want a uniquely shaped journal? Use the templates to create bunny shaped journal pages! You can staple them together or punch a hole in the top or sides and tie them together with ribbon, yarn, or twine.

Use as a Paint Stencil or Mask

You could also use these as a stencil to paint with! To make a stencil, simply fold the paper in half and cut the rabbit shape out from the center.

If you want to use it as a mask, you could paint around the shape with your favorite paints. This is a beautiful effect for watercolor painting!

You can stencil onto all kinds of things – tote bags, sweatshirts and t-shirts (use fabric paint!) or even onto wood signs or Easter decorations.

Decorate Your Classroom

If you are a teacher, you could use these to decorate your classroom – you could cut them out for bulletin boards, your door or other displays!

Create a Banner or Garland

You could also use these to make a fun Easter themed banner or garland – simply use the 4 or 6 bunny templates, cut out, and attach to twine, ribbon or yarn.

Make Tags and Labels!

These would be great to use as tags and labels! You could punch holes in them to attach ribbon or yarn or you could print on sticker paper to easily create labels for anything you like!

Tags can be used for gifts as well as in junk journals!

We hope you enjoy the free printable bunny template and of course I would love to hear what you make with them in the comments section below!

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