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Free Printable Christmas Tree Templates

Download and print these free printable Christmas Tree templates to use for your next holiday craft!

We are so excited to share with you today 12 different Christmas Tree template designs you can download and use for all kinds of crafty projects.

Whether making paper crafts or sewing or just looking for a fun and easy way to “spruce” things up – there are so many possibilities for what you can do with these!

Here is a preview of the 12 different designs you’ll find available to print below!

Free Printable Christmas Tree Templates

As you can see, there’s a nice variety of different Christmas tree shapes here! Some trees are great for kids to cut out as they don’t have a lot of curves or tight spots – others are great if you want more detail.

All of our 12 Christmas tree template printables come in PDF format for high-quality printing – simply download, open, and print!

Need PNG Files? We also have a .zip file download at the end of this article where you can easily and quickly download all of the .PNG files for each Christmas tree design. The PNG files are best suited for projects where you might want to import the tree to use digitally.

As always, all of our free printable templates have no logos, links, or watermarks on them – giving you absolutely full freedom to enjoy any way you’d like!

We also don’t require an email sign-up for any of our printables – you’ll find the download links directly on this page!

Looking for some fun ideas for how to use these different designs? Keep reading past the downloads area to check out our list of Christmas and holiday craft ideas!

Free Printable Christmas Tree Templates

You can find a nice variety of different Christmas tree templates here. To download, simply click on the image of the tree you want or the link – the PDF file will automatically download to your device!

Note: If using Chrome on your laptop and downloading more than one file, you may need to check the upper right-hand corner that says “Always Allow Downloads from Daily Printables”. 🙂

For best results, make sure you choose “Borderless Printing” and/or “Actual Size” to make sure the images print in proportion!

Download the Christmas Tree Template PNG Files

If you want to import these Christmas trees into design software or word processing software, it’s usually easiest to do this with the .PNG version of the designs.

We’ve included 1 .png file for each Christmas tree design, for a total of 12 PNGs in all – nicely packaged together in one handy .ZIP file so you can download them all in just one click!

Click Here to Download the Christmas Tree PNG Files

Christmas Tree Template Ideas

If you’re looking for some fun ideas for using these free printable Christmas tree templates, you are in luck – there are so many things you can do!

Doodle, Draw and Zentangle

I love using Christmas tree shape silhouettes to use as a template for doodling and zentangle! These shapes make for the perfect backdrop to create your own unique patterned designs.

You could also print these out and draw on them with colored pencils or color in with crayons – just add your own ornaments and decorations!

If you prefer to draw on your iPad in an app like Procreate, download the png files above to easily import them into your canvas!

Make an Advent Calendar

These evergreen tree templates would be perfect to use for making your very own Advent Calendar or Countdown to Christmas calendar!

You could use the trees as a backdrop, or even use the PNGs to create smaller shapes you cut out with your Silhouette or Cricut machine and use each tree as a countdown.

Sewing Crafts

Of course, the possibilities are endless if you love to sew and working with fabric!

You could make a fabric collage, or trace these templates onto pieces of fabric you applique to tote bags, pillow cases or even Christmas stockings!

Many of the simpler, geometric tree shapes would be perfect to use as quilt blocks for warm holiday blankets, table runners, and other handmade Christmas gifts.

You could also use these as a pattern for embroidery – I know I will be using them for my Christmas crazy quilting projects!

Use As a Stencil or Mask for Painting

Another fun idea is to use these as a stencil or mask for painting – whether you like to paint with acrylic paints or watercolor!

To use them as a stencil or mask, print them out onto a sheet of paper and then fold the sheet of paper in half. Cut out your design from the center of the paper on the fold.

You can use the part you cut out as a mask – a beautiful thing to do with watercolor paints or by dabbing acrylic paints around it with a makeup brush.

As a stencil, you could stencil these designs onto almost anything, whether it’s paper, canvas, wood signs, tote bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more! Designing your own Christmas gifts just got a whole lot easier!

Make Gift Tags

These printable evergreen trees would also be great for making holiday gift tags and labels. Simply punch a hole in the top and attach to your gifts with ribbon or twine, or you can print them out onto sticker paper and cut out for easy one-of-a-kind gift tags!

Create Labels for Homemade Gifts

There are so many fun and easy homemade gifts you could make for your family and friends, and these Christmas tree templates would be perfect for making labels on handmade gifts of soaps, baking mixes, soup mixes, candles and more!

Use for Woodburning

Love woodburning? These templates are a great way to create a wood burned Christmas tree quickly and easily!

Decorate Your home or Classroom

You could also use these to make decorations for your home or classroom. You could print them out on pretty patterned paper or even matte and frame them against a patterned paper border.

These trees are also great for bulletin boards or as I said earlier, a quick and easy way to instantly “spruce” anything up! (Haha, get it? SPRUCE it up? I know, terrible pun but I love it!)

Use for Activities and Games

You could also use these for a wide variety of different holiday games and activities, whether you’re looking for something fun for your next Christmas gathering or need ideas for school holiday parties.

Here are some games you could make with these:

  • Matching Games
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Counting Games

Write a Christmas Themed Poem!

These template shapes are great for making concrete poems or you can use them as a pretty way to show off your latest Christmas poems.

Use for Journals and Planners

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know that I always suggest making journals out of shapes – so why not make a journal shaped like a Christmas tree? It’s easy with these free templates!

You could also use them in junk journals or even your bullet journal or planner. The PNG files make it easy for you to quickly customize them for your own personal needs!

Find More Christmas and Holiday Printables

We are always adding new printable downloads to our site (usually every day!) – and so of course we have some other great Christmas shape templates you might like!

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I hope you enjoy these free printable Christmas tree templates and that this list has inspired you to create something fun! As always, I’d love to hear what you make with these in the comments section below!

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