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Free Printable Color Mixing Chart

This free printable color mixing chart is a fun way to try out different color combinations with your favorite medium – whether it’s acrylic paint, watercolors, colored pencils or markers!

Here is a preview of the free printable you can download in PDF form at the bottom of this post:

Free Printable Color Mixing Chart Preview
Preview of the Free Printable Color Mixing Chart – Be sure to use high-res download link below!

While the color mixing chart may look quite simple on the surface, it can be a great way to come up with new color combinations or you can use it as a reference to remember which colors you like together!

How to Use a Color Mixing Chart

There is really no “wrong” way to use a color mixing chart, but if you’ve never used one before, it definitely helps to understand how it works!

The image below shows a sample of the chart filled out with colors + labels:

How To Use Color Mixing Chart
How To Use Color Mixing Chart Diagram Example

The best way to look at the chart is to think of it as a graph where you have an x-axis at the top and a y-axis on the left. Simply fill in your colors along the x and y axises and plot them where they line up together!

If you’ve ever used a multiplication table chart, a color mixing chart works in a very similar way. In fact, if you want to do more colors than just the 6 spaces for each axis here, you could even download our free blank multiplication chart that would work just as well for this type of activity!

One of the nice things about a chart like this is you can also use any medium you like! You could even mix and match different mediums – maybe you do acrylic paint on one axis and colored pencil on the other!

This is a great activity to do any time you get new art supplies or even if you just want a nice handy reference cheat sheet to remember which colors you should mix together to get the desired result.

Download the Free Printable Color Mixing Chart

To download the print-resolution version of the chart, simply click on the image or the download link below the preview image or the very big button that says “Download the Free Chart”.

The printable is in PDF format, which makes it easy to print at home on any standard size paper!

We recommend printing the chart onto cardstock because it has a nice smooth finish which would be great for colored pencil but is also durable enough to stand up to wet media such as paint or ink.

Need help printing? See our post on printing tips to make sure your printables turn out great every time!

I hope you enjoy this free color mixing chart printable! It’s easy to use and provides a great way to visualize all of the colors you can create!

And of course, once you get your colors figured out, you might even like to download some of our free printable coloring pages!

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