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Free Printable Multiplication Charts

Today I am excited to bring you three great free printable multiplication charts! Whether you are a parent or teacher, these are great to use to practice your multiplication times tables with the kids.

I’ve created three different variations of the multiplication chart printables you can download so you can choose the best one for your needs!

  • Blank Multiplication Chart: This is a blank chart that your child or student can fill out on their own – this is a great way to practice those times tables! The blank chart goes from 0-12 and is easy to read and print with nice large boxes for writing.
  • 0 – 10 Multiplication Chart: This chart goes from 0-10. You can have your student color and personalize it also if you like!
  • 0 – 12 Multiplication Chart: This chart is just like the 0 – 10 one but it goes up to 12!

As always with all of our free downloads, no sign up is required! You will always find our free downloads available at the bottom of each post!

How To Use a Multiplication Times Table?

If you haven’t used a multiplication times table before, don’t worry! Once you understand the basics you will be using it in no time!

Each table has a header column and header row for each number. If you wanted to know what 4 x 8 is, you would simply choose 4 from the header and 8 from the row, follow each until they intersect and there is your answer of 32!

It sounds confusing at first, so I made a visual example for you, highlighting the column for the number 4 in yellow and the row for the number 8 in pink. The orange box of 32 is your answer for 4×8!

How To Use Multiplication Chart

Learning your times tables can be tough but I know this chart will definitely help you with your students + kids to practice and get the hang of the times tables in no time!

I remember when I was in third grade trying to get the hang of it and also when all three of my kids were learning them, so I hope that this free printable multiplication chart sheet is helpful for you. (And it’s not just for students – sometimes us adults can benefit from having one as a cheat sheet too!)

Download Your Free Multiplication Charts

To download the files, simply click on the link to download whichever version you like! There are three versions here – a Blank Chart, a 0-10 chart and a 0-12 chart.

As always, make sure you click on the actual link for the high-res PDF file download – our images are for preview only and are optimized for web, not print!

Free Printable Blank Multiplication Chart

This printable is blank so that you and your students can practice your multiplication times tables – you could even make a game of it, how fast can you fill it out?

Free Blank Multiplication Chart

Download Blank Multiplication Chart

Free Printable 0-10 Multiplication Chart

This free printable chart shows the times tables for 0-10

Free 0 10 Multiplication Chart

Download 0-10 Multiplication Chart

Free Printable 0-12 Multiplication Chart

The free 0-12 Multiplication Chart shows you the time tables for 0-12.

Free 0 12 Multiplication Chart

Download Multiplication 0-12 Chart

I hope you enjoy these free printable multiplication charts and that they make your life easier for teaching and learning!

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