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Free Printable Ornament Templates

These free printable ornament templates are perfect for a variety of holiday crafts and projects!

There are a total of 6 different bauble styles available. You can download the large size of each ornament individually in PDF format, a collection of all 6 different designs on one page (PDF format), and the individual .PNG files for all of the ornaments.

The PNG files are quite handy for using with cutting machines such as the Silhouette and Cricut or even with a laser cutter like the Glowforge!

If you need several of the same style ornament on one page, we recommend downloading the .PNG files and then inserting them in your favorite word processing or graphic design program to customize them exactly for your needs.

For some great fun ideas for ways to use these printable ornaments templates, scroll down past the downloads section!

Free Printable Ornaments Template Downloads

To download the files, simply click on the design you wish to print.

All 6 Ornament Designs
All 6 Ornament Designs

Download the PNG Files

We’ve put all the png files together in one convenient .zip file so you can download them all in one easy click!

The PNG files are best suited for creating your own custom number of ornaments on a page, as well as using them in design software programs.

Click Here to Download the PNG files of All 6 Ornament Shape Templates

Ideas for Ways to Use these Ornaments

There are so many ways to use these free printable Christmas ornament templates. Here’s just a couple of ideas we thought of!

Tissue Paper Art

This is a fun craft for kids that we did all the way back when I was in school. Print the ornament shape you want to use on heavy cardstock for best results. Then, taking small squares of different colored tissue paper, dip the center of the tissue paper into glue and then stick to your page.

Doodling and Zentangle

If you love zentangle or doodling, you can easily create your own designs in the different ornament shapes with these templates!

Color Your Own Christmas Ornaments

You can easily color or decorate these any way you like, punch a whole through the top and string some yarn or twine to make lovely custom Christmas ornaments for your tree!

Use as Gift Tags

These also can work great for gift tags! Simply print onto sticker label paper or punch a hole in the top to tie them to your gifts and packages.

Make a Journal!

These can also be easily used to make fun journals. For this craft, you will want to use the large sized ornaments. Cut out several ornament shaped pieces of paper and then punch a hole in the top and tie with yarn or twine or use binder rings to make a festive holiday journal!

Decorate Your Classroom

If you are a teacher, these Christmas ornaments can be a fun and easy way to decorate your classroom for the holiday season. Have kids decorate them any way they like and then attach to an artificial tree or use them to make a fun bulletin board display.


You can also use these templates for sewing crafts – simply trace the shape onto 2 pieces of fabric and then sew them together to make a lovely ornament decoration!

Looking for more holiday shape templates? Check out our free printable mitten template!

We hope you enjoy these free printable ornament templates, and of course I would LOVE to hear how you will be using these! Share your creative projects and ideas in the comments section below!

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