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Free Printable Reindeer Templates

Today I’m excited to bring you these free printable reindeer templates you can use for all kinds of crafts for the holidays!

We have several different options you can download!

The reindeer outline that would work great for tracing or even as a coloring page and comes in 4 different versions.

The reindeer template pieces you can print and cut out the individual parts of the reindeer for their antlers, ears, nose and head to build your very own reindeer crafts (and games!).

Here is a preview of the two templates available to download in this post:

Free Printable Reindeer Templates Preview
A preview of the free reindeer templates you can print out below!

Each download is in JPG format which makes it easy to import into any software you like as well as to download and print. They are optimized for a 8.5×11 inch letter sized sheet of paper, but of course can always be easily resized however you like!

We’ve also included sheets with 2, 4, and 6 reindeer so you can quickly and easily make a bunch if you wanted to use this as a craft, make gift tags or cards or even do as an activity with your group or classroom.

And of course, you can even build your own reindeer with the other template at the end of this post – that one would be great for felt crafts, appliqué, paper piecing and more!

Download Free Reindeer Coloring Page Template

This downloadable printable template could be used as a coloring page or you could even use it as a shape template to cut out the outline shape of the deer and then decorate it as you like!

4 Templates for printable deer to choose from!

Simply choose the number of reindeer you need and print them out! We’ve already rotated and optimized them for printing so it’s easy to simply print and go! You can click on the image or the link below the image to download the high-res JPG file!

One Per Sheet

Four per sheet

All of our printables are free for your own personal use.

The sheets with multiple reindeer would be very easy to cut out so that you could do crafts with a group or even turn them into gift tags!

Download the Print + Cut Template to Build Your Own Reindeer!

This print and cut template can be used to craft your very own reindeer! You could print these to cardstock and decorate with markers, crayons or even doodles or you can always use them as patterns to cut from felt, fabric, foam and more!

We only have one size available for this version of the reindeer, but of course you can always resize it to whatever you need!

The easiest way to resize them is to simply adjust the scale of the image on the page, but you can always do this in photo editing software if you need a precise size!

Download High-Res Version to print and cut:

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Ideas for ways to use printable reindeer shape templates

Of course, there are so many ways you can use these and I hope they inspire you to create and have a fun activity or craft to do this holiday season!

Embroidery Pattern

This would be so easy to transfer to fabric and turn into an embroidery pattern! You could decorate all sorts of gifts and holiday decor – dish towels, t-shirts and more!

Paint t-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Another option you could do is use these to make your very own t-shirts or sweatshirts for the holidays – simply trace onto your shirt and then use fabric paint!

Paint Glasses or Mugs

There are so many great paints available for glasses and mugs now and would make for a super cute gift or craft to make!

Use as a Cutting File

The JPG image makes it very easy to import this into any type of software for cutting machines so if you wanted you could use this for etching or embossing or even laser cutting.

Use for Woodburning

Woodburning is a fun activity and again these would be easy enough to do – I think it would look great for wood rounds and wood slices and you can always add some color as well!

Quilting and Applique

Another fun option with these would be to create quilting and appliqué crafts! You could do a whole quilt of reindeer shaped blocks or even mix and match this one with our Christmas tree templates, ornament templates, gingerbread templates and more for a whole holiday quilt!

Turn Into a Game!

There are also a lot of fun ways these could be used for various games for class parties or for holiday family gatherings. It’d be easy to turn these into printable reindeer games!

For example, you could hide the reindeer around the house for everyone to find like you would for an Easter Egg hunt, play “pin the nose on the reindeer”, or even make your own matching or counting game.

This is what I love about these printable shape templates – they are so versataile and there are unlimited ways to use them!

I hope these free printable reindeer shape templates inspire you + make it fun and easy to do all kinds of fun activities and crafts for the holiday. And of course I would love to hear about how you plan to use these and will be making with these in the comments section below!!!

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