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Free Printable Sunflower Template

Love sunflowers? Use this free printable sunflower template for papercrafts, doodling, sewing, classroom projects, and more!

We have two different printable sunflower template designs for you to download and enjoy.

The first template features one large sunflower on the page.

The second template features two “skinny” flowers you can cut out and layer on top of one another. You can use different shades of yellow or even fold the petals to make a 3D papercraft.

Both of these templates are in PDF format. We also included a .png file format of the layered sunflower so that you can quickly import it into design programs for Cricut, Silhouette, etc for easy cutting.

There are so many things you can do with these templates, whether you trace them onto paper or fabric to cut out or use them to color or doodle and decorate! See below the download section for more ideas!

For best results, make sure you print borderless and actual size to prevent distortion.

And as always with all of our downloads, there is no sign-up required, no watermarks or branding on them and they are 100% free for you to print and enjoy!

Large Sunflower Template Download

This large sunflower is about 7″ wide in diameter and will easily print on standard letter-sized paper.

Large Sunflower Template
Large Sunflower Template

Layered Sunflower Template Download

This layered sunflower is made by cutting out all of the different shapes. Layer together the two different flower shapes so that the petals alternate. Then, add the sunflower middle on top!

Layered Sunflower Template

Layered Sunflower Template PDF File

Layered Sunflower Template PNG File

Fun ways to Enjoy These Sunflower Shapes

There are all kinds of fun things you can do with these sunflower shapes!

Here is a list of different things you could create!

  • Applique Sunflowers onto Quilt Blocks, Totes, Table Runners, Pillowcases and More
  • Use the templates to create Embroidery designs
  • Use a stencil to paint sunflowers on crates, signs, or even your walls!
  • Draw or Doodle different patterns on the templates
  • Use the large sunflower template as a coloring page!
  • Make Layered Cards or Scrapbook Embellishments
  • Add to your bullet journal or planner
  • Create a journal with sunflower-shaped pages!
  • Color a face in the center of the flower, Cut Out, and attach to jumbo craft sticks for a sunflower puppet!
  • Create a fun sunflower-themed activity or game for your students
  • Decorate your classroom bulletin board

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers!

What Paper Should I Use for Printing?

You can use any kind of paper you like for printing, but some types of paper may be better for your project than others.

If you are planning on tracing the image onto fabric or patterned paper, then standard copy paper will work just fine!

If you want to make a sturdier sunflower, such as a sunflower puppet, cardstock will be a better choice.

Can I Use These Sunflower templates Commercially?

Yes, you can! We do have a few restrictions (such as not selling or redistributing or templates directly) – but you can use these sunflower templates freely for physical handmade products you sell with no issue. Please see our license agreement for full details on using our resources for commercial use.

What Kind of Glue Should I Use for the Layered Flowers?

Standard Elmer’s Glue would work just fine – you could also use a glue stick, but glue sticks don’t last for very long.

If you are gluing fabric, it is usually best to use a fabric glue such as Aleene’s fabric glue or Gorilla Glue fabric glue.

I hope you enjoy these free printable sunflower templates! And as always, I’d love to hear how you plan to use them in the comments section below!

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Terms of Use for Printables and Graphics

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