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Free Printable Reading Log for Tracking Books

Anybody who knows me knows I absolutely freaking LOVE books, and so today I’ve created free printable reading logs you can use to track the books you read.

Best of all, it’s simple enough you can customize it any way you like! You could use these in so many ways, whether it’s in the classroom, at the library or even in your planners and bullet journals.

I also made four different sizes and orientations of the printable so you can choose whichever size or layout fits your needs best!

You can choose from both the landscape and the portrait version in both sizes of 8.5 x 11 Letter Paper and a 5.5 x 8.5 half letter sheet size so you can print it to cut + fit into smaller planners and binders or even paste onto a pretty background paper you like!

The Printables are also in PDF format, which means it’s super easy to import into digital journaling notepad apps as well!

And of course, you can always change these to scale for printing for A5 and A4 paper sizes.

Download Reading Logs

These printables were designed to be quick + easy to print onto letter size 8.5×11 inches. If you need any other size check out our post on how to easily resize printables.

Simply click on whatever version of the printable you want to download to use!

For the pages that print horizontally, I’ve already optimized them to print in portrait mode for you so you won’t have to fiddle around with printer settings – the images will download the easy peasy ready-to-print reading logs for you.

Blank Column Reading Log Pages

If you prefer a blank reading log tracker that has no labels or text – or perhaps you even want a different number of columns, you may instead like our free printable column papers that come in all kinds of different variations instead!

I hope these free printable reading logs are useful for you – whether it’s for a summer reading program or back to school season and just a nice way to keep track of those great moments curled up with a good book!

I’d love to hear how you’ll be using these free printable reading log PDF templates – please do tell me in the comments below because it always keeps me inspired to make new printables for you to enjoy!

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