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Free Printable Acorn Templates for Fall Crafts + Back to School

Fall and back to school are coming soon and so today I thought it’d be fun to make and create some free printable acorn templates you can use for all of your fall crafting and learning needs!

As usual, I kind of went overboard in designing these so you have a LOT of choices with all of the different acorn printables I made for you! Here’s a preview of all of the different variations!

Free Acorn Templates For Crafts
Free Acorn Templates For Crafts

There are two designs of acorns – one with a filled crosshatched top and another that is plain so you can use it just to trace as a pattern or decorate and color it as you like!

I also made cut out templates that are great to trace onto construction paper, scrapbook papers, fabric or felt and use it for making a fall-themed crafts!

There are also multiple variations of the template for different sizes and number of acorns per page – simply scroll through them all and download what you need!

If you prefer to download them ALL (along with the transparent background .png versions of the images) – there is a bulk download link at the end of this post.

Single Acorn Shape Printable

Click on the image or the link below to download the printable high-res version of a single acorn image!

If you want to use this printable to make an acorn craft, I’ve also included printable versions of the pieces you can trace onto construction fabric or paper or cardstock.

Acorn Craft Shape Templates

There are four variations you can download here to choose from – each of the parts for the top, bottom and stem are separated so you can easily trace + cut out as you like!

If you’d like to make your very own acorn crafts on paper, fabric or maybe even wood – these templates below are as simple as printing and cutting to use for tracing. The one below has the parts to make two smaller acorns – great if you are using these as a template for a crowd!

Multiple Acorns Per Page Templates

Below are the many different versions with multiple acorns per page. You can choose from 2, 4, or 6! These would be great to use for kids crafts or even for crafting together with friends for a creative play date.

The print out with two acorns is great for making acorns with a friend! Have more friends? Print out 4 or 6 acorns each page!

You could even use the 6 acorns per page template to make nametags for fall open houses, festivals, and other events!

Another fun idea I had for these were to turn them into flash cards or make it a game where you count how many acorns you have.

It would be fun to just add numbers – or even maybe print out a whole set of 26 for the alphabet! You could even put words on them honestly!

The different shape sizes + numbers per page are great for group crafts and fall activities or if you want to make a lot of the acorns all in one go.

Bulk Download All Printables

If you can’t decide which size you want, no worries – you can download all of them in one convenient .zip file! The .zip file also includes transparent background .png versions of the acorn shapes.

Whether you’re making crafts for the classroom or at home or using the shapes for scrapbooking and journaling or sewing templates – there are just so many possibilities, especially with so many formats and variations in this post for you to print and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these and of course I would very much love to hear from you on how you are using these in the comments below!

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