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Free Printable Handwriting Paper

Handwriting paper is a great way to practice writing! Whether you are a parent or teacher teaching kids to print or write in cursive or someone who wants to practice hand lettering, these free printable writing papers are perfect!

We have multiple sizes and styles of writing paper printables to choose from. You can download the PDF files for easy printing, or if you want to practice lettering in an app such as ProCreate, you can also download the PNG files.

All of our free printables are free of watermarks and branding so you can truly enjoy them any way you’d like at home or in the classroom!

For best results in printing to make sure the pages stay true to scale, make sure you choose borderless printing and print at “actual size”.

Here is a quick list of all the different styles you can download free:

  • 1/2 Inch Handwriting Paper – Lines are 1/2 inch tall
  • 3/4 Inch Handwriting Paper – Lines are 3/4 inch tall
  • 1 in Handwriting Paper – Lines are 1 inch tall
  • Story Handwriting Paper – Includes a box for drawing a picture – Lines are 1/2 inch tall
  • Name and Date Handwriting Paper – Great for teachers to use for spelling tests or assignments!

Each of these free printable writing papers are available in both horizontal and vertical layouts for 8.5-inch x 11-inch standard letter-sized paper. The horizontal layout gives you a bit more space when writing longer words and sentences.

Want to down them all? You can find the bulk download link at the bottom of this page to get the whole bundle in one easy click!

Note: If you need the PNG files to use in a software program like ProCreate for hand-lettering, you’ll want to use the link at the end of this article to download all of the writing papers in .png format.

Free printable writing paper

To download your free printable writing paper, simply click on the image or link to access the PDF file.


This paper has 1/2 inch lines.


This paper has 3/4 inch lines.

1 inch handwriting paper

This handwriting paper has 1 inch lines.

Primary Paper with name and date

This paper has a section for the name and date at the top of the page and features black and white lines – great for teachers!

Story board papers

This is probably my favorite paper of them all- perfect for stories or even creating a journal! These pages feature a box that you or your students can use to draw a picture to go along with the words!

Download All of the writing papers in one click!

If you can’t decide which handwriting paper to use, why not download them all? You can choose to download either all of the PDF files (best for printing) or the individual .PNG files (best for apps like ProCreate).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Print Double Sided?

Printing double-sided writing paper is easy with most printers that support this feature. Simply choose to make twice the number of copies for the number of pages you want, check the box to print double-sided and your printer will take care of everything else!

How Do I Import the Paper Into ProCreate?

To import the papers into ProCreate, you will first need to downloand and unzip the file. Then, simply insert the png file you want just as you would any image. See the Procreate official documentation to learn more.

Why Are Some Lines Blue and Some Lines Red?

It can sometimes be hard to see where the lines are the paper, so to make this easier the top and center lines are blue and the bottom line is red.

If the colors bother you – simply print it in grayscale! In grayscale, the top and bottom line are slightly different shades to make it easier to see which line is the top and bottom.

Is the Same Thing As Primary Paper?

These papers have a couple of different names:

  • Primary Paper
  • Pensmanship Paper
  • Hand Lettering Paper
  • Cursive Writing Practice Paper
  • Kindergarten Paper

If you’re looking for these any of these types of papers these are indeed the same thing!

I Need Lined Paper Without The Dashes!

Hey, dont worry – we have you covered! Head on over to our free printable lined notebook paper for more options!

We also have free printable dot grid paper and graph paper to check out!

As always, I hope you enjoy these free printable handwriting papers! I would love to hear how you use our printables in the comments section below!

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Terms of Use for Printables and Graphics

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